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New twist on a National Sales Meeting

National sales meeting

The client

A mid-sized biotech company wanted to host a National Sales Meeting that would increase morale and camaraderie and help integrate new associates.


  • A very full agenda included new product launches and a vendor presentation.

  • The venue experienced a power failure lasting 3 hours on the final day of the meeting.


In consultation with the 4 regional sales managers and the chief commercial officer, it was agreed that this 3-day session should be a sales meeting like no other; not the usual presentations of sales numbers and customer issues.

A turn-key solution was provided for the client:

  • Meeting venue was in Las Vegas.

  • The meeting focused on higher level strategic issues and the implications for the sales force.

  • A graphic recorder took visual “notes” of the proceedings.

  • Michael “Pinball” Clemons, NFL player, former Canadian football star, and now Vice-Chair of the Toronto Argonauts was the keynote speaker on the final day.  He still holds the CFL (Canadian Football League) record for most career yards (25,438) during the regular season.  He spoke about his life challenges and lessons, and “what you do for a living does not define who you are as a person.”


  • Clear strategies and next steps were articulated, and endorsed by the group.

  • By the close of the meeting, the walls of the 1600 sq.ft. meeting room were completely covered with bright, engaging illustrations and notes.

  • The graphic recorder visually synthesized the group’s thoughts throughout the session, creatively showing the evolution of thinking and the emergence of new ideas and approaches.  The visuals, in reduced format, formed the principal part of the post-session report.

  • All participants, including twenty-five and 30-year sales veterans said it was the best and most productive sales meeting they had ever attended.

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