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A new product needs a name

Closeup of a Petri Dish

The client

A company in the medical technology field wanted to find a name for a new product.


  • An internal group consisting of stakeholders from various functions, who had very little experience with creative brainstorming.


  • A fictitious advertising agency was created – Creative Ideas R Us – to set the mood.

  • The idea was to stimulate as many of the senses as possible in order to release creative ideas.  Graphic recording and other techniques were employed, including:

  • Word association

  • Braindrawing

  • Guided Imagery

  • Music association

  • Angel – Devil

  • Team challenges (physical activity)

  • Incubation

Over 850 different names choices were generated during the one-day session



  • The group decided on a short list of 8 names; one was recommended to and approved by the organization, and has since become the name of the new product.

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