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Global marketing plans in need of a strategic overhaul

strategy, strategic planning

The client

An affiliate of a large multi-national company with a European parent wanted to instil rigour, insight and strategic thinking into its plans.


  • Cultural differences abounded.  The European associates tended to favour a command-and-control approach, whereas the American associates were used to having more latitude for local decision-making.

  • Some of the existing marketing plans topped 275 pages … which nobody read.  It required 6 to 8 months to complete, and amounted to a list of product-focused tactics.

  • There were differing opinions on the role of a marketing plan:  either, an internal selling tool of optimistic sales projections, best-case cost-of-goods estimates, and the like; or, a list of initiatives and activities for the coming year.  It’s neither.


  • One-on-one and group coaching sessions and workshops on best-practices in strategic planning.


  • Comprehensive, insightful marketing plans were completed for each key area of the business.

  • A recommendation for a worldwide marketing planning process was submitted, including how the strategic priorities and direction should be cascaded from the global level to the regions and finally to the product plans.

  • A detailed recommendation which also included views on the marketing department structure was presented to the parent company.

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