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An organization consolidates four business units into one

Collaboration, Team

The client

A large multi-national medical diagnostics company had merged four business units and wanted to have a kick-off meeting of key stakeholders to begin developing a unified business strategy for the future.


  • A diverse group of senior executives from different regions of the world representing various functional areas.

  • Due to the merging of 4 business units, there was duplication of roles and therefore uncertainty about who would be named to key positions.

  • Many participants did not know the leader of the merged business unit.


A turn-key solution was provided to the client:

  • Meeting venue was in Sonoma, California

  • Pre-work assignments

  • Welcome package

  • Analyses and strategy development during the session (various exercises)

  • Team-building challenges (for prizes)

  • Evening activities

  • Post-session parting gifts


  • Team engagement was increased even in the face of an uncertain future.

  • An overall business strategy was sketched out and concrete next steps were established.

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