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A 5-year strategic plan following several acquisitions

Brown Dogs

The client

A global animal health organization needed a strategic plan following the acquisition of four companies (vertical integration backwards). 



  • Post-acquisition, it was critical to show leveraged value to key internal and external stakeholders.

  • Four organizations with various organizational cultures and go-to-market approaches

  • Team members were geographically dispersed: 3 time zones

  • Varying degrees of experience with strategic planning

  • Short time frame: a 4-month project was condensed into 7 weeks

  • Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we could not meet in person


Virtual facilitation techniques enabled us to accelerate the strategic planning process.

Our work included:

  • market analyses (reviewed 1000+ pages of syndicated and proprietary research to garner client insights);

  • customer segmentations;

  • customer journeys;

  • unique bundles of value propositions (products and services) each customized for a specific target segment;

  • product portfolio alignment;

  • customer incentives;

  • integrated communications mix; and,

  • a recommended internal structure to eliminate "silos" and "islands".


  • A 100+ page Word document: the core plan

  • PowerPoint presentation: summary of key strategies and tactics


The project was the genesis of several innovative approaches with the potential to significantly redefine the market.

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