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Custom solutions ... because one-size-fits-all really means poor-fit-at-best

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Strategic Planning

A strategic plan is the roadmap to success for your organization. Strategic planning is the process of developing the plan: engaging key stakeholders and harnessing insights to devise strategy.

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There is a new hybrid approach for strategic planning ... post-COVID.

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Creativity & Innovation

Innovation is not invention. Also, creativity is an important phase of the innovation process. Employ any of the 5 categories and 12 types of innovation. Be aware of the "adoption of innovation" curve and "crossing the chasm".

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Addressing Challenges

Challenges are often negative situations; but they can also be positive circumstances on which you would like to capitalize. Our 5Q Framework    helps to crystalize new opportunities.

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Meeting Facilitation

Professionally-facilitated meetings and work sessions deliver highly engaging and productive outcomes. Be aware of the difference between facilitation and, presentation, training, chairing, and moderation.

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Presentations & Workshops

Best practices in strategic thinking and strategic planning. Need a quick 30-minute presentation, a two-hour workshop, or a full retreat? We've got you covered.

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Executive Coaching

Due to the nature of our work, we are frequently asked to provide executive coaching. We offer a customized 6-step program over

12 sessions. Be aware of the difference between coaching and mentoring.

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What do facilitators do?

What do facilitators do?

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Strategy Models & Tools

Based on the objectives of your project, we search our vast toolbox and customize the appropriate strategy tools. Check out our top 25+ tools here.

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